Wall of our volunteers?

“Working together through skills and sports development to equip our youth to look beyond their circumstances, with NEW HOPE”

  • Kyle is an aspiring qualified soccer coach currently involved in various community and school initiatives. We are happy to have him on board as his expertise will surely be beneficial to our children.
  • Ashley also forms part of the sports development team. His experience with his existing soccer team comes in very handy as he shares the same principles of discipline and development through various sporting codes.
  • Anthony forms part of the coaching team where he is able to live out his passion for sports and outdoor activities. He plays in integral part in the development of the Sports academy as well is the skills development program. As a self-employed upholsterer, he will be sharing his skills in upholstery and carpentry with our youth in the skills development programs.
  • Ashley joined NHYD as a volunteer and soccer coach because he shares the vision of empowering youth by equipping them with skills to secure a successful future. He is a very talented young man, full of innovative ideas and will also be facilitating the computer literacy training.
  • Recardo Andrews is extremely committed to the vision and cause of NHYD. Relentlessly rallying support from the community  and prospective stakeholders; especially for the NHYD league tournament and the Sports development program. If it benefits the children, he is involved.
  • With strong roots in the community of Bonteheuwel; Pastor Andries has a passion for youth development and combatting gangsterism and crime. The vision of NHYD was given to him after a specific incident in 2010 where a few young people, coming from a youth meeting were gunned down senselessly. It stirred a desire to do something, create hope amidst the hopelessness. The afterschool homework program currently runs from his home a few days per week. ‘I am blessed to be working with a group of committed volunteers who shares the vision and passion of NHYD. All glory to God!”

Tel: 021 8241771
Cell: 073 5538016

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List of our volunteers

Director and founder: Ps Andries Petersen
NHYD Tournament league coordinator and soccer coach: Recardo Andrews
Soccer coach and computer literacy facilitator: Ashley Fortuin
Sports and skills development: Anthony George
Sports development: Ashley Joseph
Soccer Coach: Kyle Ismail

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers