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New Hope Youth Development

New Hope Youth Development is a non profit organisation that is passionate about the development of our youth.

From our humble beginnings in the township of Bonteheuwel on the Cape flats in Cape Town, South Africa; we believe that youth development at grassroots level is the key to end the cycle of socio economic ills that holds our youth captive.
Comprised of a group of volunteers, born and bred in the township, we have witnessed and experienced first hand the devastating effects that poverty, unemployment, drug and alcohol addiction and gansterism can have on a household and ultimately the community.
We simply cannot stand by idly and watch the youth of our communities succumbing to gansterism and drug addiction. They need to know that there is HOPE, that they have a FUTURE. Sports and skills development is the key to empowering our youth to look beyond what they see around them. Exposure to the wealth of opportunities will broaden their horizons.
NHYP endeavours, with our God given talents to bring about a NEW HOPE, starting in our own beloved community of Bonteheuwel and investing in other communities. HOPE is contagious, it refuses to dim it’s light like the flames of a raging fire.
“May HOPE burn out of control and consume everyone and everything in its path and my we marvel at it’s devastating results in Bonteheuwel and beyond.” NYHD TEAM

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Tel: 021 824 1771 / Cell: 073 553 8016 / info@nhyd.co.za
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